Who is

Mr Gargantuan?

Hi, I am Mehul Garg, an on-demand CMO and founder of Be Gargantuan, focused on strategic positioning, growth, and team-building.


An intuitive leader, driving innovation to exceed business goals. My past gigs span from multinational corporates to global scale-ups to early stage startups.

I leverage my experience to help clients succeed by:

Unlocking growth
through 360 strategic approach and performance marketing

Identifying true problems
by cutting through complex data noise


Evaluating, benchmarking, and optimising
business and marketing strategy and implementation

Scaling acquisition and retention
with logical, data-driven, and holistic initiatives

Leveraging extensive network
of industry experts, agencies, and media partners

"Defining the problems correctly, leads to asking the right questions"

As an On-Demand CMO, I specialise in scaling digital direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses with global ambitions.

I’ve been thinking big ideas and doing big things in D2C marketing for over a decade.


With 360 holistic experience underpinned by strong commercial common sense, I see the devil in the detail and blue sky in the bigger picture.


I’ve rebooted brands from the insight out by maximising their marketing mix, optimising product-market-distribution fit, rebranding, and repositioning value prop. I practice a no-BS approach to strategic problem-solving and ruthless focus implementation.

 Some of my clients


Mehul Garg

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