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Podcast Episode 14 – Mehul Garg

I talk with Jon Quinton about assessing growth potential, approaches to marketing budgets, and putting planning to implementation.

Jon Quinton from Overdrive Digital

"Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode!

This time round I sit down with Mehul Garg, CMO on-demand from Mehul has a wealth of experience working with start-ups including the likes of Touchnote, Photobox, 8fit and many more, typically working to fuel the growth between series B and series C funding rounds.

Within this episode we cover topics such as assessing growth potential, approaches to spend, and what is required from an implementation standpoint.

What I really wanted to dig into was that last point. It’s one thing writing a plan, but getting things moving and making it happen is another ball game.

If you’re interested in marketing at high-growth organisations this is definitely one for you!

What this episode covers:

  • Mehul’s background in marketing

  • The role of a CMO in a fast growth business

  • Assessing growth potential

  • Implementation and making things happen

  • Team structures and who is needed

#begargantuan #marketing #ecommerce #startups

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