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Gargantuan success studies

Touchnote Postcard sending app – sent over 10 million postcards worldwide



Pivot the business to be EBITDA profitable, scalable and desirable, leading to an exit

Key challenges

  1. Unsustainable LTV/CAC ratio

  2. No real strategy to get to £100m turnover growth projection (base of £2m) besides a highly sophisticated excel model

  3. Niche product and non-relevant brand proposition

Key outcomes

  • Grew revenues by 150% whilst achieving EBITDA profitability

  • Increased LTV by +27% converging the LTV/CAC lines and reinvesting the money back into acquisition

  • Championed deep rebrand, shifting from promo based culture to value driven category and brand strategy

  • Successfully led US DRTV launch quadrupling the revenues and tripled the marketing team

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