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Gargantuan success studies

Tymit Fintech offering consumer credit finance app



Define and articulate value proposition for both segments: B2B and B2C

Key challenges

  1. Intense competition within B2B point-of-sale finance segment by existing as well as new entrants

  2. Feature driven value proposition with little differentiation, presenting the brand as a ‘me too’

Key outcomes

  • 180 degree shift in business strategy by focusing on direct-to-consumer segment (outcome of an 8-week strategy work)

  • Shift from feature driven proposition “Buy anywhere and pay over time on your terms” to a truly disruptive user value proposition “Tymit – credit card reinvented”

  • A 12-month marketing roadmap including team structure, channels and campaign examples

Strategy methodology

Strategic analysis
Why, What, Who,
How workshop
Proposition articulation
High level GTM

Client outcomes

  • Articulation of the problem Tymit is trying to solve

  • Clearly defined market category – ‘smart credit on mobile’

  • Competitor mapping with 4 defined axis

  • Identified 4 USPs and housed them under a newly developed value driven wrapper – smart credit

  • A clear vision

  • Market disruptive proposition – credit card, reinvented

  • Defined primary target audience

  • Marketing team structure and hiring plan

  • High level 12-month acquisition strategy with campaign ideas

  • Waitlist campaign strategy and user journey mapping

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